Earn money Through Facebook

DateBitcoin is to create an opportunity for members who cannot afford any investment or new babies who are preparing themselves to start their career in field of internet earnings. One can earn some decent earnings weekly by doing simple postings in social networking giant.

Here are the requirements and steps to be followed so as to earn without any investment:

The facebook account has to be atleast a year old.

The facebook account has to be a genuine profile, face accounts are not encouraged.

One should have minimum of 500 friends

A total of 15 posts has to be made on daily basis in different facebook groups, in case if you need how to post or what content to be posted, we will help you, you can contat us in skype at datebitcoin@gmail.com

You will be paid 0.10 $ for each post, for 15 posts you will receive 1.50 $, that turns out to be 10.50 $ for a week and 42 USD for 1 month.

Members will be paid on weekly basis preferably to bitcoin wallets

A total of 50 members will be recruited every month

You need to send the proof of work done to datebitcoin@gmail.com or you can send facebook weblinks in skype at datebitcoin@gmail.com

The idea of Earn Free through DateBitcoin will help most of our members to gain referrals, there by making more income through our affiliate program.