General Queries

This is an online investment platform primarily based on Bitcoin, check out About us page for more info.

DateBitcoin has no such options, we just want to simplify things for our members, just visit us-invest-and withdrawals are directly processed in your payment processor.

Let us make things very clear here, we do not want to publicize that we will stay online for eternity only to attract investors and then close the program in a few days or months. Our strength is our reserve funds with which we can effortlessly pay you for 365 days and we cannot predict things after that, hence the 365 days’ plan.

Our operations will start from Jan 01, 2017 EST and most likely to end on Dec 31,2017, please do note that deposits will be accepted only till Dec 31, 2017.

It informs that DateBitcoin will pay only for 365 days, the count will decrease from 365 days to 0 days remaining.

No, you can create only one account, we use IP restrictions to find out duplicate accounts used to misuse affiliate commission.

Yes, DateBitcoin will pay on every calendar day.

Deposit Related Queries

It’s very simple. Click on DateBitcoin webpage, Select the plan applicable to you based on your investment, and then click MAKE A DEPOSIT. Enter desired amount, select a merchant (Bitcoin, Perfect money or Payeer), Give your payment processor account details (Check twice for accurate details) and hit deposit.

Yeah, you can use different payment processor accounts for making a deposit, but do remember your rebate/earnings will be credited to one submitted in the back office. For Example: If you have selected PerfectMoney as a merchant and have given U23577349 as your account, and while making a deposit you are using a different account U13576346, the rebate/earnings will be credited to U23577349, same applies to rest of the payment processors as well.

Enter your amount you want to deposit in USD and submit your bitcoin address, the one you want to receive daily earnings, once you click on make Make Deposit, a pop-up will appear showing invoice, which consists of bitcoin address and USD amount converted into bitcoin, send exact bitcoins to the mentioned address and transaction will be completed in 10 minutes to 1 hour.
Please do note the address is valid only for single invoice, even if the transaction is failed the address is not valid for another transaction Do remember to send exact number of bitcoins, for example if it showing 0.09045227, send the same or else transaction will not be completed.

Bitcoin deposits usually take 10 minutes to an hour to complete the transaction.

You need not be panic, just send us the transaction or reference details, we will add them manually.

Yeah you can make multiple deposits using same payment processor details.

Earnings Related Queries

The interest will be automatically added in your payment processor which you have used at time of funding, If you have funded with Bitcoin, it will be credited to your Bitcoin account.

We request all members to check payment processor details thrice before making a deposit, DateBitcoin will not be responsible in case you have submitted wrong payment processor details, but still in worst scenario we will try our best to help our members.

Yes, you can track your earnings at DB track webpage using your invoice Ref#: Please do not the invoice number is generated at time of making a deposit.

The REF# or invoice number is used to track all your deposits and daily interest earned on those deposits.
Please do not that REF# or invoice number cannot be used as your Affiliate link.

No, you cannot change your payment processor ewallets.

Affiliate Queries

Yes, we have a 2-level affiliate/referral program that offers 5%-2% of commission from the deposit made by your referral.

Click on SIGN UP AS AFFILIATE button under Affiliate plan webpage.
Select your desired merchant or payment processor from the drop down and enter Processor I.D/Account# to which you want to receive your affiliate bonus. Click on submit to generate your affiliate link.
Now you can use the affiliate link for marketing and promotional activities. For banners, enter your Affiliate Id under MY AFFILIATE LINK and click submit, it will generate banners of various sizes with your sponsor id.

Absolutely anyone who is interested in investment activity can become your referral. There are no limitations in this issue.

Enter your payment processor account number used at time of registration under Sign up as Affiliate and click submit, it will show your referral link.

No, you cannot change your sponsor

The commission will be paid out immediately to your payment processor.

Irrespective of what your downline used, you will receive your referral commission to whichever processor you have used for funding. Please follow Affiliate plan webpage for more information.

Please click on MY AFFILIATE EARNING under Affiliate Plan webpage, select your Merchant, and then submit your payment processor details, the one used at time of Affiliate Signup.

Earn Free Queries

Earn free through DateBitcoin helps members who cannot afford any investment but likely to take part an active role with us.

You will get paid by doing simple tasks on Facebook, visit our Earn Free page for more info.

Please contact us at or at skype: